We are committed to making Bandman the most powerful and flexible tool we can. We’re keen to receive your feedback and we make changes as quickly as possible, but we also have our own grand plans for new functionality and features.

The following list is just a taste of what is currently in the works.

  • Attachments
    Do you have a safety assessment your artists need to complete before a gig? Or a registration form your netball team needs to fill in before a comp? Or a worksheet for your language class? Attachments will be useful for any type of group.
  • Branded public group pages
    If you’re a band using Bandman you’ll end up with a great list of all your upcoming gigs. We think it would be great to have a customisable profile page you can use to list your upcoming public gigs, as well as some tools to embed this content on other sites such as your website and on facebook.
  • Translations
    Getting Bandman into the hands of groups around the world is a huge goal for us and to make that happen we want to translate our site into as many languages as possible. This one will take a little longer than others, but please be assured we’re working on it! If you’d like to help with translations, please get in touch with

We’ll keep this page updated with news of our coming features. Please let us know if you have any suggestions!

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