You ask. We listen.

We really want to make Bandman as useful for you as possible. We have a presence on major social networks so you can easily get in touch, plus we have our own support forum on this site. And we’re listening!

The guys at Funk Buddies asked if it could be possible to add unconfirmed times to events. We provide the ability to add arrival, start and end times to events, but there might be the occasion where you just need general availabilities for the morning or afternoon.

So we’ve made it happen. Our event editing screen used to only include the following:


Now we’ve added an option to include a “ballpark” time:

Ballpark times

This new field lets you select from:

  • To Be Confirmed
  • Morning
  • Afternoon
  • Evening and
  • Late

This update also impacts the various event lists around the site (on your Dashboard and for artists) and is picked up in the automated notification emails and text messages. If you switch between the two timing options you’ll notice that changing the ballpark also updates the exact times; this is to keep your events sorted correctly.

We hope this change helps everyone. If you have other suggestions, please send them through.


We’re a go!

Venue screen

After ten years, many iterations and so, so many hours, I’m very pleased to announce that Bandman is live!

I have never devoted much time to working on the site, picking up a few hours here and there when I could. I finally registered the business and started the last rebuild while I was in hospital recovering from surgery in 2013. I am very proud of where Bandman is today and already have ideas for additional features and functionality.

If you’ve arrived here without seeing the site, Bandman is a group management tool. Initially designed to take the pain out of managing a band, it now has the ability to manage any type of group; sporting teams, social groups and more. It has integrated text-messaging to help notify members of new events and availability management – the most sought-after feature! It’s dead simple to use and has a free 180-day trial, so jump on over, sign up and take it for a spin.

I still have some branding to tidy up and there are bound to be a few small bugs creep through the woodwork, but the site is now live and ready for action. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!