Exciting new updates

Hi! It’s been a while. We’ve been hard at work on our biggest update since we launched Bandman and we’re thrilled to be announcing our new features, all of which are now available!

We have some fantastic groups using Bandman who have been providing some excellent feedback. After collating the wish list, clearing our minds, realigning our chakras and burning the midnight candle, we’re proud to announce the addition of some great new features!

Artist tags

Artist tags

Artist tags can be used to send messages or select event artists

Managing a large group is hard work. We have some ensembles with over 50 members! Managing events for a subset of your group, say the tenors of your choir or the frontline of your band, means manually selecting people in the event setup or your TXT/email TO field.

Well, not any more! We’ve added a new “artist tags” feature! Head to Setup > Artist Tags, create as many as you need, then assign them in bulk from your artist list, or individually in each artist’s profile. Once tagged, you can use our artist picker’s Select button (see the pic above) when composing TXT messages or creating events. It’s as simple as that!

Event leads and job sheets

Event leads

Event leads have access to a PDF job sheet for each event

If you find yourself needing to delegate match-day management duties, you can now choose “event leads” who will have access to a PDF job sheet in their event view. This sheet provides all of the info you have access to as a manager, along with the full artist list, their contact details and availabilities.

We can help customise this sheet for your group – please get in touch if you have specific requirements.

Artist and Event Metadata

Artist and event metadata

Add additional fields to your artists and events

Do you have additional information you need to keep aside from Bandman’s standard info? Maybe each artist’s passport numbers or T-shirt size? Or do you find yourself needing to always provide a certain piece of information to your artists for each event? What uniform they’ll need to wear, for example.

Head to Setup > Metadata where you can define these new fields, then to your artists or events where you’ll find them ready for action!

Event attachments


Attach files to your events from a variety of sources

If you’d like to attach files to each of your events (charts for example, or a form that artists must complete), you can now enable this in in your group’s setup, which you’ll find under Setup > Groups of course! This feature costs an additional $20 per year (prorated to your current end date) and provides you the ability to attach files from virtually any source; your desktop, or files you have stored in Dropbox, Google Drive and a variety of other platforms.

We have much more planned with file management, including a library feature to let you curate a collection of documents and make them available to your members.

Other features

There are a huge amount of other things we’ve added and tweaked. Some are tucked away under the hood; we’re still immensely proud of these, even if you can’t see them! But some of the other things you’ll find are:

  • Connections are now secure (you’ll see https in our URLs).
  • Ballpark event times now have an optional duration
  • Availabilities have a customisable deadline
  • Customisable outbound TXT name (see Setup > Groups)
  • Polls were added recently – we love them! Check them out if you haven’t already.
  • TXT packages are cheaper.

But wait – there’s more! We’re already working on even more updates and can’t wait to share more news with you soon.


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