Noel Gallagher’s advice to young bands: write a f#$%ing chorus!

Noel Gallagher has some pretty direct advice for young bands. “Your attitude doesn’t mean shit. Write a fucking chorus.”

In an interview with q, a Canadian culture and entertainment program, Gallagher is brutally honest when discussing up and coming bands in the internet-connected era. “There can’t be the greatest band in the world that no-one’s heard of playing in a pub tonight. With the internet; if you’re great, you’re going to make it.”

New Zealand-born Jordan Reyne, a 3 time Tui Award (New Zealand Grammy) nominee, is experiencing great success from performing her unusual but wildly popular “steampunk” blend of folk and industrial music online.

In an article she wrote on Schwilly Family Musicians, Jordan highlights that “there is a global audience already engaged with viewing live online performance… Your budget, your location, and your life situation don’t matter anymore when it comes to becoming a performing musician”.

With the rise of the live-streaming services Periscope and Meerkat, along with established channels like YouTube and Vimeo, there has never been a better (and cheaper!) time to get your music out there. But as Noel points out, if you want to make it, don’t fake it. Write a fucking chorus!


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