Exciting new updates

Hi! It’s been a while. We’ve been hard at work on our biggest update since we launched Bandman and we’re thrilled to be announcing our new features, all of which are now available!

We have some fantastic groups using Bandman who have been providing some excellent feedback. After collating the wish list, clearing our minds, realigning our chakras and burning the midnight candle, we’re proud to announce the addition of some great new features!

Artist tags

Artist tags

Artist tags can be used to send messages or select event artists

Managing a large group is hard work. We have some ensembles with over 50 members! Managing events for a subset of your group, say the tenors of your choir or the frontline of your band, means manually selecting people in the event setup or your TXT/email TO field.

Well, not any more! We’ve added a new “artist tags” feature! Head to Setup > Artist Tags, create as many as you need, then assign them in bulk from your artist list, or individually in each artist’s profile. Once tagged, you can use our artist picker’s Select button (see the pic above) when composing TXT messages or creating events. It’s as simple as that!

Event leads and job sheets

Event leads

Event leads have access to a PDF job sheet for each event

If you find yourself needing to delegate match-day management duties, you can now choose “event leads” who will have access to a PDF job sheet in their event view. This sheet provides all of the info you have access to as a manager, along with the full artist list, their contact details and availabilities.

We can help customise this sheet for your group – please get in touch if you have specific requirements.

Artist and Event Metadata

Artist and event metadata

Add additional fields to your artists and events

Do you have additional information you need to keep aside from Bandman’s standard info? Maybe each artist’s passport numbers or T-shirt size? Or do you find yourself needing to always provide a certain piece of information to your artists for each event? What uniform they’ll need to wear, for example.

Head to Setup > Metadata where you can define these new fields, then to your artists or events where you’ll find them ready for action!

Event attachments


Attach files to your events from a variety of sources

If you’d like to attach files to each of your events (charts for example, or a form that artists must complete), you can now enable this in in your group’s setup, which you’ll find under Setup > Groups of course! This feature costs an additional $20 per year (prorated to your current end date) and provides you the ability to attach files from virtually any source; your desktop, or files you have stored in Dropbox, Google Drive and a variety of other platforms.

We have much more planned with file management, including a library feature to let you curate a collection of documents and make them available to your members.

Other features

There are a huge amount of other things we’ve added and tweaked. Some are tucked away under the hood; we’re still immensely proud of these, even if you can’t see them! But some of the other things you’ll find are:

  • Connections are now secure (you’ll see https in our URLs).
  • Ballpark event times now have an optional duration
  • Availabilities have a customisable deadline
  • Customisable outbound TXT name (see Setup > Groups)
  • Polls were added recently – we love them! Check them out if you haven’t already.
  • TXT packages are cheaper.

But wait – there’s more! We’re already working on even more updates and can’t wait to share more news with you soon.


Game of Cameos: Musicians are Coming


As far as memorable gigs for bands, a cameo on Game of Thrones would be pretty special. Most recently, Mastodon had the honour of playing Wildlings who, by the end of the episode, were killed and turned into zombie-like White Walkers; quite fitting for a heavy metal band!

We were surprised to find quite a few notable cameos through the GoT archives:

Will Champion

Coldplay drummer Will Champion is spotted as a drummer in the Red Wedding episode of Season 3.

Gary Lightbody

Snow Patrol frontman Gary Lightbody had a small role in Season 3 as one of Roose Bolton’s men.

Sigur Ros

Icelandic band Sigur Ros were wedding singers at the wedding of Joffrey Baratheon in Season 4.

Wilko Johnson

Ex-Dr Feelgood guitarist Wilko Johnson played the role of the mute kings executioner in season 1 and 2, having had his tongue cut out by the Mad King. It was he who executed Eddard Stark which then landed him a permanent role on Arya’s death list.

We love a good celebrity cameo, especially when it’s subtle. Take Richard Branson for example, who was being patted down at an airport security checkpoint in the background of a scene in Casino Royale.


Noel Gallagher’s advice to young bands: write a f#$%ing chorus!

Noel Gallagher has some pretty direct advice for young bands. “Your attitude doesn’t mean shit. Write a fucking chorus.”

In an interview with q, a Canadian culture and entertainment program, Gallagher is brutally honest when discussing up and coming bands in the internet-connected era. “There can’t be the greatest band in the world that no-one’s heard of playing in a pub tonight. With the internet; if you’re great, you’re going to make it.”

New Zealand-born Jordan Reyne, a 3 time Tui Award (New Zealand Grammy) nominee, is experiencing great success from performing her unusual but wildly popular “steampunk” blend of folk and industrial music online.

In an article she wrote on Schwilly Family Musicians, Jordan highlights that “there is a global audience already engaged with viewing live online performance… Your budget, your location, and your life situation don’t matter anymore when it comes to becoming a performing musician”.

With the rise of the live-streaming services Periscope and Meerkat, along with established channels like YouTube and Vimeo, there has never been a better (and cheaper!) time to get your music out there. But as Noel points out, if you want to make it, don’t fake it. Write a fucking chorus!


Tips for a successful tour

Band concert tour postersWe recently played a gig where the only trumpeter lost his trumpet between parking his car and getting backstage. With so many logistics to organise – people, instruments, music stands, venues, parking, uniforms – it’s sometimes a wonder that any gigs go off without a hitch.

If you’re thinking of taking your band on a state, national or international tour, the organisation alone can be too much to get it off the ground. If you successfully hit the road you need to stay ahead of the game. You are relying on so many people and need to be on your toes all the time.

Bandman helps you keep your dates, set lists, contact details and artists in the one spot. We’ll help you take care of the finer details so you can focus on not losing your trumpets. Or trumpeters.

To get you started on the right foot, Chris Robley from CD Baby has put together a list of bite sized suggestions for organising your band’s next tour. Venues, hotel logistics, merchandise sales, tips on negotiating fees and more; it’s a pretty comprehensive list to get you well on your way to a successful tour.

And if you’d like to simplify your organisational challenges, sign-up to Bandman now!


We’re feeling generous

Richards new arrival

We here at Bandman HQ are very proud to announce the arrival of our founder’s second child. We’re getting clucky, so to celebrate we’ve increased our referral bonus and added a reward for early subscribers!

We already knock $10 off your subscription when someone registers using your group’s username. We used to then also give the subscribing group 10 free credits, but as of today we’ve increased this ten-fold to 100! How great is that?

We’re also now offering a reward of 100 credits to groups who subscribe within the first 30 days of their 180-day trial. So if you use a referral code and then subscribe early, you’ll find yourself with 200 free text message credits.

And to show just how much we appreciate your support, we’re retrospectively updating existing referral bonuses and subscriptions. Plus if you’ve only recently registered, your 30-day countdown starts today!


Update to notifications

As you set up a member in Bandman you can choose what information to include. Adding an email address and password for example lets them sign in and view their events. Adding a mobile phone number allows you send them text messages at our fantastic rates.

When it comes to sending event notifications, we take some of the grunt work out of filling in the text message and email screens for you by preselecting recipients and crafting a message for you. After posting a quick demonstration of this process on Facebook we received a great question; what happens to the text message if a member doesn’t have a mobile number recorded? Until now you would need to remember to separately contact that person.

We have just rolled out an update that notifies you when a recipient doesn’t have a mobile number saved, along with some other subtle changes. Consider the following list of artists:


You’ll see that neither Tim nor Jim have a mobile number. If we view our Events list and click the traffic light notification indicator, the messaging screen now includes the following:


Both Tim and Jim appear in the red alert box with a message that reads, “The following artists don’t have a mobile number. Selecting them below will send your message as an email“.

And what if we remove Tim’s email address as well?

No email

Tim now includes a further warning that he cannot be contacted.

Finally, the email Jim receives includes a line telling him he’s received the email instead of a text message and that he can add a mobile number for future use by editing his profile:

No TXT email

We are just loving the feedback and support we are receiving and can’t wait to hear more about how you’re using Bandman and what you’d like to see included.


Demonstration videos

We’ve been hard at work putting together 10 videos to demonstrate our major features. There are a few more to come soon, but these give you everything you need to get started in Bandman.

Add this to our earlier Introduction video and you’ve got a great set of videos to find your way. Don’t forget you can ask a question through this site too!


Availability notifications

We have rolled out an update to Bandman today that we think is pretty darned neat! You can now choose how and when to be notified of your members’ availabilities. Plus, you can set default options for your groups and customise them per event.

If you’d simply like to know via email once everyone’s availabilities are in, cool. But if you have an urgent request out for availabilities, you might like to know once half your group has replied, or get a text message for every reply. It’s up to you.

You’ll find your defaults under your group’s setup page and similar options in the event editing screen. We hope this makes your life just a little easier!

Availability notifications